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Shortly we will launch a 'Feature Member' for each month.
This will give some insight into the people behind the businesses featured throughout this directory.
Photos, images, passions and some 'up-close-and-personal' gos on who they really are!

If there is someone or a business you would like to know more about - email us at pr@touchofitaly.co.nz with your request.



Feature Recipe - Regional food from Abruzzo

 Abruzzo,  in central Italy,  is a region which is very attached to its traditions, and this is reflected in its cooking, especially in the homes, where every day genuine local dishes are prepared. Here you will find “sformato di riso” rather than risotto as used in the north of Italy, timbale of pasta rather than lasagne. Even the spaghetti of Abruzzo are different: they are cut with a special instrument that resembles guitar strings and are called “spaghetti (or maccheroni) alla chitarra”. The regional cooking of Abruzzo has many dishes made with lamb, mutton, pecorino cheese - typical of a region where sheep farming is common – but it  is also a coastal region, so you will also find fish specialities.




Mix in a bowl 250 gr. grated medium-hard pecorino cheese, 200 gr. stale breadcrumbs and 5-6 eggs. Finely chopped garlic and/or parsley can also be added if liked. Leave for 10 minutes, then shape into walnut-sized balls and fry in olive oil, turning frequently until browned on all sides. Drain on kitchen paper and set aside. Prepare a tomato sauce: heat some extra virgin olive oil in a separate pan and sautee a sliced onion until soft, then add tomato passata or fresh tomato puree and basil. Add the cheese and egg balls and cook for another 7-8 minutes.

cheese balls.jpg


“ARROSTICINI” Lamb Skewers


These are 1 cm. cubes of lamb, threaded on small wooden skewers and grilled over a charcoal fire, flavoured with a spring of rosemary soaked in oil and pepper, salted after cooking and simply served with rustic bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and lemon juice if liked.

Maybe you want that secret recipe from somewhere you have dined? Let us see if we can convince the Chef in question to part with their secrets! - email us at pr@touchofitaly.co.nz with your recipe request.


lamb skewers.jpg

Feature Wine:

Castel Firmian Pinot Grigio 2011

Castel Firmian Pinot Grigio 2011 - Gold List
While the Rib Room's Louise Gordon liked the elegance and restraint of this well-priced, mineral-infused, cool climate Pinot Grigio, the Northcote's Adam Pawlowski noted the 'very fresh nose of apples, pears and graefruit. It's nicely balanced with good acidity and minerality. A clear winner,' he said.

Available through selected retail outlets - see 'Taking Home" section

Have you had an Italian  wine either in NZ or when visiting Italy that you want to know more about?

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Feature Cocktail

Creole Coffee Cocktail


2 oz strong black coffee, cooled
1 1/2 oz rye whiskey
1/2 oz Nocello walnut liqueur
Dash of bitters
1/2 a small orange, peeled
orange twist, for garnish

Put the orange in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle;add a couple of ice cubes and the coffee, rye whiskey, Nocello, and bitters, and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with the orange twist.

Nocello, imported through A Touch of Italy Ltd and available through selected retail outlets - see 'Taking Home" section

Have you tried something at a bar recently?
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